Cowls Building Supply can help find the cabinetry that’s right for you.

For unlimited options in design, materials and finishes, The Cowls Kitchen Design Showroom offers multiple lines of kitchen & bathroom cabinets including Omega, Dynasty, Medallion, Executive and Young Furniture. Whether you want traditional construction or environmentally-friendly “green” cabinetry options, you will find it here.

We know that there are a multitude of cabinet manufacturers from someone working out of their garage to the big box stores. The designers in the Kitchen Design Showroom have spent years refining the cabinet lines to ensure only the best are offered.  We have very economical cabinets that look great as well as custom cabinets available in exotic woods and suitable for any room or application.  Our cabinets are also durable.  We expect your cabinets to be around for a long time, just like Cowls has been.

Medallion Cabinetry

While some forms of art are understood more than others, most would agree that all art stems from the imagination.  At Medallion Cabinetry, we dream of new ways to enhance and expand the horizon.  From designing highly fashionable style and function in each cabinet to creating beautiful finishes that last a lifetime, we continually develop new ideas while transforming the old.  This commitment to innovation, style and quality craftsmanship results in beautifully crafted solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Medallion Cabinetry offers four series of cabinetry to accommodate any budget and every design dream.  Within each series, Medallion has a choice of eight woods as well as many stains and solid paint finishes.  With so many choices you just know that they have most any shape of cabinet you could ever need.  Combine all of these “standard” choices with the ability to have them custom match colors and design new cabinet configurations.  Medallion Cabinetry has what you want!

Omega Cabinetry

With Omega Custom Cabinetry, if you can dream it, we can build it. Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry by Omega Custom offers furniture finish quality, all wood box construction, interior organization solutions, exclusive mouldings, embellishments and hardware, which are all backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Dedicated to quality craftsmanship and superior service, everyone at Omega Cabinetry takes pride in each and every cabinet produced. From the select materials used to build the cabinetry to the multi-step finish processes applied to each component, Omega Cabinetry’s quality is unparalleled. Backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, depth and breadth of our product offering, our world class business support team, there’s no question that kitchen and bath solutions from Omega are the best value around.

Dynasty/Omega’s solid wood case construction makes your cabinetry ready for a lifetime of use. But you don’t have to wait a lifetime to appreciate it. Dynasty/Omega cabinets are delivered square, stable and easy to install because we start with solid, kiln-dried select hardwood frames. Unlike many cabinet manufacturers, we produce every door (even our curved doors) on site allowing us to apply the same rigorous quality standards to the doors as we give to the rest of the product.

The basic building blocks of the Omega product are select hardwoods and veneers. The unique beauty and elegance of hardwood is expressed in the character of each unique piece of hardwood as it is machined, joined and finished into fine cabinetry. Just as no two trees are alike, no two pieces of wood are alike. This natural occurrence can result in the beautiful variations in grain and color throughout your cabinets.  With eight woods to choose from any look is possible for your kitchen.