Medallion Cabinetry

While some forms of art are understood more than others, most would agree that all art stems from the imagination.  At Medallion Cabinetry, we dream of new ways to enhance and expand the horizon.  From designing highly fashionable style and function in each cabinet to creating beautiful finishes that last a lifetime, we continually develop new ideas while transforming the old.  This commitment to innovation, style and quality craftsmanship results in beautifully crafted solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Medallion Cabinetry offers four series of cabinetry to accommodate any budget and every design dream.  Within each series, Medallion has a choice of eight woods as well as many stains and solid paint finishes.  With so many choices you just know that they have most any shape of cabinet you could ever need.  Combine all of these “standard” choices with the ability to have them custom match colors and design new cabinet configurations.  Medallion Cabinetry has what you want!